“共促三方友好 共繪友誼畫卷”中國-阿富汗-巴基斯坦三國青少年美術作品征集及展示活動
發布時間:2020-09-26 08:03

活動背景 Background

  為增進國際民間友好,推動中國、阿富汗、巴基斯坦三國文明互鑒尤其是青少年間的文化交流,由中國宋慶齡基金會主辦、中國宋慶齡青少年科技文化交流中心承辦的“共促三方友好 共繪友誼畫卷”中國-阿富汗-巴基斯坦三國青少年美術作品征集及展示活動將于2020年9月至11月中旬在線上線下同期舉辦。

  In order to promote international friendship and promote mutual learning among the young people of China, Afghanistan, and Pakistan, sponsored by China Soong Ching Ling Foundation, the China Soong Ching Ling Science & Culture Center for Young People will organize the event of Collection and Exibition of Art Works by Young People from China, Afghanistan, and Pakistan, with the theme of Promoting the Trilateral Friendship by Drawing Friendly Picture Scrolls.Online and offline events will be held from September to mid-November 2020.

活動時間 Time


  September to mid-November 2020

參與者 Participants


  Young people aged 5-18 from China, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

活動內容 Event Content



  Echoing the Belt and Road Initiative, you may illustrate the following:

  a.The campus life in my lovely homeland;

  b.Exploring the future technology;

  c.The past glory of the ancient Silk Road;

  d.Friendly exchanges among the youth from three countries.

  Please note that the works are supposed to be substantial, inspiring and positive. Any one of the above options is accepted.

  (二)作品要求 Requirements


  Size and Type: Mainly painting works, supplemented by calligraphy, photography and craft design works.


  Paintings works include:Traditional Chinese painting, watercolor / gouache (acrylic painting), printmaking, oil painting or other kinds of paintings. Specifications: Chinese painting is made of four - foot rice paper, vertical creation; the maximum size of other paintings do not exceed 389mm × 546mm (four open size), and the minimum is 420mm × 297mm (A3 paper), without framing.


  Calligraphy works include: calligraphy, seal cutting works. Specification: four - foot rice paper, vertical creation, without framing.


  Photographic works: photographs can be processed by software without changing the original appearance of the works, such as necessary post-processing (including conversion to JPG format, and color fine-tuning in the conversion format) and picture trimming, etc. However, it is not allowed to add or delete any content that changes the original appearance of the work by synthesis techniques. Both single and group photos are acceptable, and the group photos shall not exceed 4 pieces.

  Specification: unlimited size, without framing.


  Art design works include: folk art, computer art, ceramic art production, etc. Specifications: unlimited size. Ceramic works can be photographed and uploaded. Photos must clearly show the original appearance of the works, and can be photographed from multiple angles, no more than 4 pieces.



  The works are of distinctive style, positive and inspiring, with strong expressiveness and appeal, and can demonstrate the spiritual and artistic characterastics of young people from the three countries.


  The work must be unpublished, independently created by the author, with a self-designed title. In the event of plagiarism, non-author creation, etc., the author’s activity qualifications will be cancelled, and the author shall bear the responsibility.

作品提交 Submission of works



  The Chinese participants shall upload the color scanned copy of the painting and the personal work information sheet (attached) to the designated email address, with the subject of the email "name of institution + author name + works name + contact number". The art works of the Afghanistan and Pakistan will be collected and submitted to the designated mailbox by the relevant cooperative agencies.



  The organizer has the right to publish and exhibit the works.


  The organizer will not reply to the applicants whose works are not selected.

作品呈現 Presentation


  The selected works will be compiled and printed by China Soong Ching Ling Foundation. The author of the selected works will be awarded the certificate issued by China Soong Ching Ling Foundation.The selected winning works will be exhibited in 3D virtual cloud painting exhibition and offline painting exhibition. The 3D virtual cloud painting exhibition will be on display for two years from November 1, 2020, offline exhibition will be held from November 1st to November 10th, 2020.

  (供稿 中國宋慶齡青少年科技文化交流中心)

  附件下載: Download the attached file:


  The sheet of information solicitation for the youth art works from China, Afghanistan and Pakistan

山东群英会玩法技巧 14场胜负彩开奖奖金 (★^O^★)MG幸运狮子在线客服 淘宝快3玩法 (^ω^)MG板球明星送彩金 (-^O^-)MG幸运生肖试玩 南粤36选7开奖中奖对照表 七星彩开奖 (★^O^★)MG自由精神闯关 (-^O^-)MG爱丽娜技巧介绍 (*^▽^*)MG弓兵奖金赔率 合数单双中特 (^ω^)MG急冻钻石游戏网站 白小姐资料一肖中特马 (★^O^★)MG无敌金刚首页 二肖中特提前公开验证会员资料 (*^▽^*)MG德科钻石客户端下载